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Job Opportunity At Sanitation Solution Group-Operation Supervisor


About US:
Established in August 2014, Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG) is a market-based sanitation enterprise whose objective is to provide affordable sanitation products and services to households and communities in Uganda. SSG’s initial focus was on three sanitation business models – pre-fabricated concrete latrine construction, latrine upgrading and business support to entrepreneurs in both latrine emptying and construction. SSG has now refined its operations and our current specialization is emptying on-site sanitation facilities including pit latrines and septic tanks under our Fresh Pit brand.

Job Summary:  The Operations Supervisor will work closely with our finance and field teams to support operations and implement systems required to scale. The internal focus for this role is to ensure implementation of company systems and develop new ways of increasing operational efficiency by reducing costs and managing service delivery.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Operations Management
  • Monitor day-to-day services offered to clients and ensure high quality delivery by field operators
  • Track key operational metrics, ensure accuracy of day-to-day data and deliver timely and insightful information to assist management in decision making
  • Handle incoming client orders and negotiations on price as per company pricing structures and discount offers
  • Submit weekly operational and sales reports that emphasize team performance and recurring challenges to support strategic decision making
  • Conduct field visits to assess efficiency of teams and offer operational support in unforeseen circumstances
  • Facilitate regular meetings with management to review progress towards targets, troubleshoot challenges, and develop solutions
Team supervision
  • Manage and supervise service delivery teams to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and compliance to systems and processes
  • Develop schedules by systematically assigning orders to all teams to ensure equal distribution of deliveries
  • Conduct team appraisals and hold teams accountable for their performance on a quarterly basis
  • Set the tone for professional, high quality performance of teams through leadership including handling incidents of theft, crime, misrepresentation of see details and company information
  • Manage feedback between management and operational staff so that ideas, and concerns are heard Analysis
  • Conduct operational analysis to identify inefficiencies in delivery time, costs and customer satisfaction. You will work closely with management to analyze and proactively recommend and implement solutions to operational challenges
  • Conduct analysis of team performance and offer input on team promotions, bonuses and dismissal
  • Conduct research to understand prevailing market trends and analyzeoustorrior feedback
  • Support the finance team with key operational information when Developing financial data and preparing monthly and annual reports

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate must hold a Degree in Statistics, Commerce, Business Administration, Finance or any related fields
  • Prior work experience, demonstration of ability or qualifications in project management, accounting/finance (CPA/ACCA) and software like QuickBooks or Tally are preferred
  • Experience in operations management and/or finance with a strong analytical background or experience as an entrepreneur. Additional experience working with and supervising teams in the informal sector
  • We are looking for an exceptional leader and executer who appreciates the work we do and shares in our vision and driver. The candidate should be able to develop insightful analyses, problem- solve through analytical and organizational challenges, assume high levels of responsibility & integrity, perform excellent work and contribute fresh ideas.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and analytical abilities to support development of insightful and structured information
  • Interest in guiding and leading our operational team
  • Utmost professional behavior and integrity that enhances productivity and promotes teamwork and cooperation
  • Organized with the ability to coordinate and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously while working under pressure
  • Keen eye for detail to identify discrepancies, inefficiencies and evaluate operational performance
  • Should be proficient in English and Luganda
  • Excellent computer proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

How to Apply:
All candidates should send an email indicating your interest to   attaching your CV, cover letter academic transcripts. Your cover letter should provide details of your experience, milestones achieved, sales track records, your interest in the role, your individual growth plans, and any other additional details to motivate your candidacy. The position title should be the subject line.

Deadline: 31st August 2018
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