Friday, 4 May 2018

Job Opportunity at Leadcom Tanzania, Telecommunication Project Manager

Telecommunication Project Manager

Key Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Executes Rollout in the Project in accordance with agreed scope and contractual commitment against project budget.
  • Manages the supervisors/teams regarding tasks and authorities according to the changing needs of the project.
  • Is responsible for planning,budgeting, preparing and executing the Rollout in the Project.
  • Plans, consolidates and communicates accurate rollout figures in the project for Equipment/Material & Resources Planning cooperating with the Project Manager.
  • Ensures that the standard site process milestones are reached as per planned schedules and cost by using global tools.
  • Leads and manages the subcontractors including visiting the sites regularly.
  • Keeps the roll-out plan up-to-date based on site-level data and input from individual functions.
  • Secures site and cluster acceptances or confirmations from the Customer.
  • Manages and implements the hand-over process for sites to Operations in the Project.
  • Quality assurance and client intephase.

Minimum requirements:
1.Telecom experience MINIMUM 4 years.
2. Bachelor degree preferably civil engineering /ERB .

Leadcom seeks to hire a qualified candidate for the position of a Telecommunication Project Manager


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