Saturday, 6 January 2018

Job Opportunity at Radio Kili FM Stereo Ltd, Radio Broadcast Content Manager


About Radio Kili FM Stereo Ltd

Radio Kili FM Stereo Ltd was established in 6th January, 2003 with the objective of providing broadcasting services including advertisement of business entrepreneur marketing, Community development programs, sports, Health, environment, agriculture etc. in Tanzania.

Since its inception the Radio station has managed to cover 4 regions of northern Tanzania mainland namely: Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Manyara and Tanga. The radio reach both urban and the rural remote areas and has become favorites to our audiences.

The radio is owned privately by Tanzanians and is located in Moshi municipality, Kilimanjaro region.

Our programming is a combination of locally as well as nationally and internationally produced programs. Local programming includes music, public affairs and other specialty programming. Local, national and international programming includes news, public affairs, science and some entertainment programming.
To be a Household radio within our coverage.

1. Good Degree or equivalent in Media industry , extensive knowledge and oriented radio broadcast content and acquainted in script analysis, and editing , excellent creative person and knowledge of ,Project management and monitoring

2. The candidates should have knowledge of client protection and have working experience of not less than three years in the related field;

All applicants should send their genuine CV„ to
Executive Director, 
Radio Kill Fm Stereo Ltd, 
P.O.Box. 6841, 
Moshi Kilimanjaro
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