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Job Opprtunity At Patterson Group Limited-Accountant


Kinondoni, Bunju Dar Es Salaam
Patterson Group Limited is a registered company which deal with construction, logistics and trading. The company carries out all works related to trading, logistic, building constructions such as residential houses, commercial buildings and multi complex building and all civil works including road works, bridges construction and all works related to civil and building. To accomplish this, the company needs to recruit staff who are competent, analytical, experienced and hardworking individuals determined to go extra mile for their career growth and future.
The Accountant is primarily responsible to support the General Manager or MD as applicable by ensuring the day-to-day financial and fiscal management aspects of the operations of Patterson Group Limited are undertaken with complete accuracy, statutory compliance and timeliness.
The main responsibilities are to:
• Support the General Manager or MD as applicable regarding activities related to the management of financial and material resources;
• Manage the organization and follow-up of the Patterson Group Limited accounts, office operations and financial reports;
• Ensure the approval and processing of revenues and expenditures, budget tracking and payroll to ensure accurate and timely maintenance of the Patterson Group Limited trial balance and general ledger;
• Develop, implement and maintain effective and controlled finance, accounting and billing procedures;
• Implement and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards;
• Ensure accounting and reporting systems are maintained in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards;
• Ensure that financial information and statistics required by the Patterson Group Limited are properly assembled and presented (i.e. accurate and timely preparation of all financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, budget variances, tax returns and other statutory reporting requirements);
• Implement and manage an efficient and functional system for financial document management;
• Manage and safeguard the Patterson Group Limited financial and material resources for which he or she is responsible;
• Support the General Manager and/or MD in their duties as applicable.
Other tasks and responsibilities that will enable the fulfillment of the above noted responsibilities include:
• Regular performance of accounting transactions such as debit/credit notes, payroll transfers, cash outflows, and cash management with the;
• Regular reconciliation of the Patterson Group Limited accounts;
• Ensuring a control system of Patterson Group Limited funds and liquidities;
• Preparation of payments for services and other payables due;
• Payroll preparation;
• Preparation of payments of national security funds such as NSSF, e.t.c
• Production and distribution of financial reports and supporting documents according to their required frequencies;
• Ensuring the financial document management system is current and properly maintained (opening, closing, classification, access control, circulation, filing, etc);
• Maintaining confidentiality of all files, documents and proprietary/sensitive information;
• Collaborate in the implementation of administrative policies and procedures;
• Participation in the budget preparation and ensuring effective tracking, verification and reporting of budget variances;
• Performing cashflow management by ensuring payment of invoices and expense accounts and ordering of materials and office supplies;
• Assist in the audit of the Patterson Group Limited Financial Statements;
• Compliance with all standards and procedures relevant to the performance of his/her duties;
• Performance of any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the General Manager or MD as applicable.
Qualifications & Requirements 
(i.e. education, skills and experience)
The Accountant should ideally have good practical knowledge of the financial services sector and an understanding of how the intricate day-to-day finance and accounting activities link with and support the achievement of the mission and vision of the Patterson Group Limited. In this regard, specific qualifications and requirements include:
• Bachelors Degree in Business, Accounting or Finance/Economics is an asset;
• Certified Public Accountant (CPA) completed or nearing completion;
• Good knowledge of financial and accounting IT systems;
• A minimum of two years of related experience;
• Well developed oral and written communication skills in English;
• Well developed analytical and organizational skills.
Interested candidates are requested to send an email or submit a letter of interest detailing their motivation for the position applied for together with their Curriculum Vitae, two professional references and copies of academic Certificates/Diplomas/Degree and others
Closing Date is 20th November 2017. The letters should be addressed to:
Human Resources Department,
Patterson Group Limited,
Pwani Street, Plot No. 2 Block B,
P.O. Box 32292, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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