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Job Opportunity At Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP)-Kupanda Project Manager


Misungwi Mwanza
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The Kupanda Project, now in its second year, is a hostel-based program designed to comprehensively support girls in lower secondary school to improve school completion rates in rural Tanzanian communities. ASAP is seeking to hire a full-time Kupanda Project Manager (KPM) to reside at a Secondary School hostel (Misungwi District, Mwanza Region) with 96 girls, oversee all programs associated with the initiative and to serve as instructor of a Girl’s Leadership & Empowerment curriculum (2 hours each day, Monday – Friday). The job is to begin January 2017. Salary will be paid in Tanzanian Shillings in the amount of 1,700,000 TSH per month. The KPM will report directly to the ASAP Africa Project Director and the ASAP Executive Director (both located in Denver CO, USA) and will be expected to report by phone and email on a regular basis.
Kupanda Project For Girls Overview:
Tanzania struggles to achieve acceptable secondary school completion rates for girls. The lower secondary completion rate for girls in Tanzania is 8%, and the number drops to 4% in rural areas. ASAP believes something must be done to address the high drop out rate of adolescent Tanzanian girls during their most vulnerable years and improve lower secondary completion rates. For this reason, ASAP has created The Kupanda Project for Girls, an innovative approach to comprehensively support girls to gain a quality lower secondary school education in rural Tanzania. The idea is simple – bring together, under one program, myriad supports for Tanzanian girls so they can safely access school and complete their lower secondary education (Forms 1-4). Major elements of the program include 1) safe housing (dormitories); 2) increased personal well-being; 3) increased academic performance; 4) leadership & empowerment, and; 5) community education and engagement.
Job Duties:
The Kupanda Project Manager (KPM) lives in the dormitory full-time (except during school breaks/weekends). A government employed matron resides on the school campus, though not currently within the dormitory (this is planned to change in mid 2018 to better assist the KPM). While the matron is responsible for the daily oversight of the girls, the KPM will be responsible for ensuring that all the programs associated with the Kupanda Project are properly implemented. Major elements include (but may not be limited to):
• Nutrition & Water: Cooks are responsible for cooking/serving 3 meals per day according to the government meal schedule. In addition, the dorm water supply for will ensure adequate water for bathing/cooking/drinking and a schedule will be followed for water use. The KPM is responsible for ensuring the nutrition and water plan is being accurately executed.
• Menstrual Support: The KPM will be trained on the use of reusable menstrual cups and each girl will be given a menstrual cup for personal use. The KPM will train the girls on their use and ensure they are properly used/sanitized according to a regular schedule.
• Computers: Computers are available in the dorms for girl’s use. The KPM and all Kupanda girls are provided computer training to allow for effective use of computers. There is a schedule for use and restrictions on how/when/why the computers may be used. The KPM is to ensure the computer rules are being followed and that the equipment is working properly.
• Tutoring: The Tutoring Program provides regular remedial education and tutoring to Kupanda girls to bring them up to grade level in their studies, better preparing them to learn effectively going forward. The tutors are teachers from the school, paid a stipend to work with the Kupanda girls after school hours. There is a tutoring schedule for each girl per week; the KPM oversees the program and ensure the girls are being tutored according to the schedule.
• Security: The KPM retains a set of keys to the dormitory perimeter gate and to other important storage facilities (food storage, solar equipment storage, computers). The KPM will be responsible for watching over the personal safety of the girls and all equipment/supplies associated with Kupanda Project.
• Classroom visits/teacher accountability:
In addition to ensuring that the programs are implemented and daily/weekly schedules for the girls are being followed, the KPM serves as the instructor for the girl’s Leadership & Empowerment program. The girls will be divided into 4 groups of 24 girls and each group will participate in 1 two-hour meeting per week during school session. Therefore, the KPM will be teaching the Leadership & Empowerment curriculum four days per week, Monday-Thursday from 4-6 pm. Full training will be provided to the KPM and all teaching curriculum & materials will be supplied by ASAP (or an implementing partner).
The dormitory is equipped with electricity, toilets, showers, laundry facilities, kitchen, dining hall, common rooms for socializing/eating/studying, computer rooms, a fully enclosed secure perimeter and 24-hour security guards.
Job Requirements:
The right candidate will be a young Tanzanian woman with strong interest in the empowerment of young Tanzanian girls. She must be personally engaging, be committed to seeing each of the girls succeed in secondary school, be a positive role model to the girls, and be self-motivated to identify ways that the Kupanda Project that can be improved during the pilot phase. The following are specific skills that are required and/or preferred of candidates:
• University degree;
• Willingness to live full-time at a rural secondary school in Mwanza region;
• Strong English and Swahili language skills (spoken and written);
• Strong critical thinking/problem solving skills;
• Computer skills, including the use of Microsoft Word and email;
• Kisa Scholar Program graduate preferred.
• Counseling skills preferred;
• Highly motivated.
ASAP is offering the following employee benefits in addition to a monthly salary of 1,700,000 TSH:
• ASAP will pay the required 10% NSSF taxes on behalf of the employee;
• ASAP will provide free housing (in the dormitory) and all daily meals/drinking water;
• ASAP will pay 60,000 TSH per month for phone and internet expenses;
• Generous paid time off is offered during school breaks (2 weeks each June, 2 weeks each December,
possibly more);
• Partial Weekend time off;
• Laptop computer provided while employed by ASAP;
• Possible occasional travel to the United States (negotiable).
The hostel location is about a one hour drive SW of Mwanza, very near the banks of Lake Victoria (the lake is visible from the school). The school is easily accessibly by car, dala dala, and boda boda. Specific village/ward location to be disclosed privately.
Interested candidates should send their CV or resume to: by November 1, 2017. Interviews will be conducted during November and the chosen candidate will be expected to begin work January 8, 2018. For more information about ASAP, please visit our website at
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