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17 Jobs at Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI)


The Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI),
 an affiliate of Elizabeth
Glaser Pediatric AIDS Organization (EGPAF) is Tanzanian led and managed national organization focusing largely on HIV and AIDS and other related health programs. AGPAHI implements all its programs in collaboration with Tanzania Government Entities through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) and President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO RALG) and other stakeholders. AGPAHI supports the provision of high-quality HIV and other health services and ensures that efforts are well-integrated into existing regional and district health systems.
AGPAHI is implementing various projects that are highly demanding and thus the organization is looking for a motivated, result driven, qualified and competent people to fill various positions as per the AGPAHI organogram

JOB TITLE: Program and Public Health Evaluation Director
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
LOCATION: Dar es salaam

Job Summary
The Program and Public Health Evaluation Director, under the supervision of the Executive Director will be responsible for leading all evaluation activities from protocol development to reporting of evaluation findings.
This portfolio will support generation and use of relevant information to inform programs, share best practices and thereafter contribute to evidence based health systems strengthening. The position will provide leadership and oversight in the generation of a strong evidence base to ensure the effective delivery of quality programs to further the mission of AGPAHI and improving the lives of Tanzanians infected and affected by HIV.

Job Responsibilities:
 Leads and manages the AGPAHI portfolio of program evaluation activities including the generation of proposals and other requests for funding related to the implemented programs
 Leads and oversees all aspects of the research and evaluation studies, from idea conception, development of protocols and data collection instruments, personnel training, study implementation, data management/analysis to manuscript writing.
 Work closely with the technical teams to identify priority program and public health evaluation questions
 Identify and evaluate interventions to address key programmatic challenges using strong scientific methodologies to inform the program, stakeholders and the broader HIV field
 Liaises with the relevant authorities to ensure all human subjects’ research protections are in place and all protocols undergo appropriate IRB reviews and approval.
 Ensures the highest quality scientific, ethical and regulatory standards for all evaluation activities
 Supervises and mentors team members to enhance their knowledge and career development in the relevant field
 Contributes to capacity building of AGPAHI staff and partners in the conduct of research through research trainings, mentoring, and sharing/review of relevant scientific literature
 Participates in preparation of study reports, abstracts and manuscripts and dissemination of results at district, national, and international levels.
 Collaborate with the other research teams across different programs to leverage global expertise, share experiences, and facilitate multi-country research activities

Required Qualifications
 Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine or Health related field
 Master in Public Health or Epidemiology
 PhD or similar advanced degree in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Maternal and Child Health
 Extensive experience in operation research and program evaluations.
 Minimum of 5 years of proven experience in health research in developing countries, including protocol elaboration, design of surveys, data collection, data analysis, and scientific publication elaboration
 Evidence of leading research and publication in recognized peer reviewed journals

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
 Knowledge and understanding of current and ongoing HIV programming issues
 Good writing skills and ability to develop protocols for research, abstracts and manuscripts for publication
 Knowledge of protection of human subjects in research and ethics regulations to ensure compliance with all local and international requirements
 Proficiency in the use of databases such as Microsoft Access, Epi-Info and analytical software, such as STATA, SPSS, R is an advantage
 Strong organizational skills, detail-oriented with ability to prioritize, take initiative and follow-through
 Results oriented with a demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of a dynamic team in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines with competing priorities
 Strong communication skills, both oral and written

JOB TITLE: Program Officer, Clinical Services (07 Posts)
REPORTS TO: Regional Program Coordinator
LOCATION: Shinyanga, Mwanza Geita and Mara

Purpose of post:
The Program Officer, Clinical Services will work as a key member of AGPAHI’s Technical team. He/ She will run day to day program implementation activities in AGPAHI supported regions. The PO, Clinical Services will work in close collaboration with other staff members to ensure timely implementation and reporting of activities for AGPAHI supported programs 3

Assists in co-ordination of Care and Treatment and PMTCT in the programs
 Co-ordinate Care and treatment and RCH integrated activities at local partner sites
 Assists in co-ordination training of health workers at project sites as deemed necessary
 Conduct supportive supervision and technical assistance and share findings with other program staff, the ZPM and technical supervisor
 Ensure and strengthen linkage between RCH integrated activities and Care and treatment
 Support and monitor implementation of integrated programs including TB/HIV, early infant diagnosis (EID), and PITC according to national guidelines
 To assist TCB, CL and LAB in the supervision of these programs

Provide technical inputs and assistance to health facilities and project staff
 Visit health facilities and provide onsite technical assistance to health facilities and project staff including sit- ins at the clinic days, assisting sites in data collection and submit to direct supervisor.
 Together with sub grantees, plan and oversee sub grantee site activities as stipulated in proposals (To systematically monitor the progress versus planned activities / targets.)
 To systematically provide guidance for improvement and follow up whether or not issues have been solved, or advice has been followed.
 Identifying site staff training needs, organize and facilitate trainings when required
 Participate in development of proposals and work plans for PMTCT and C&T sub grantees
 Supervising district mentors’ activities in assigned districts

Facilitate quality improvement of service delivery by sub-grantees
 Apply QI principles in regular supportive supervision through focusing on priority areas and utilizing QI-based methods /tools for improvement.
 Analyzing and providing feedback on results to site staff, CHMT, PC-QI, immediate supervisor and where possible RHMT.
 Assist health facilities in formulating, implementing and following up Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), providing technical assistance regularly and when requested through regular supportive supervision, QI meetings and other site visits.

Facilitate monitoring and evaluation of our sub grantees
 To perform a systematic supervision of M&E systems and to make effective use of M&E data to monitor performance and to provide feedback.
 Make use of CTC 2 and GLASER data base to monitor performance of sub grantee
 Assist sites with quarterly preparation of C&T and RCH activities reports when necessary
 Assist in the preparation and review, compilation and submission of RCH , C&T, TB/HIV, PITC reports to the M&E department

Facilitate communication with partners
 Acts as the main contact person for sub-grantees to coordinate the communication between sub-grantee, Field office and other program staff
 Provide feed- back to sub-grantee and other relevant stakeholders based on ISS, M&E and specific departments
 Advocate for inclusion of PMTCT and C&T activities in the CCHP

Reflective practice and organizational learning
 Document lessons learnt and provide inputs into the way forward/best practices for project implementation
 Assist in the dissemination of lessons learnt and better practices from the program

Qualifications, Skills and ability
 Advanced Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Medicine
 Experience in providing HIV care and treatment services.
 Minimum of 3 years of clinical experience required with 2 years working experience in HIV/AIDS care and treatment
 Excellent knowledge of national and World Health Organization and MOHSW guidelines on HIV care and treatment
 Computer literacy is necessary and the applicant should be comfortable working with the basic Microsoft packages (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

JOB TITTLE: Program Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation (03 Posts)
REPORTS TO: Regional Program Coordinator
LOCATION: Shinyanga,Simiyu and Mara

Purpose of the post
Under the guidedance of and reporting to the Regional Program Coordinator; the program officer monitoring and evaluation will provide technical support to health facilities in AGPAHI implementing sites; this includes planning and implementation of HIV/AIDS programs supported by AGPAHI . Training of staff and visit to AGPAHI supported sites , participate in data collection and ensure proper patient recording system.

Principal Functions:
Monitor program activities that fall under the field office
 Tracking of all program activities on weekly basis to make sure that all program units adhere to work plan in collaboration with SPO M&E
 Routine data collection both quantitative and qualitative for routine program tracking in collaboration with Program Officers, Clinical Services
 Provision of routine constructive feedback on program performance toward target in both AGPAHI and sub grantees in collaboration with Program Officers, Clinical Services
 Tracking of all program activities in the field office and recording ensuring that they are within the time frame and in line with the program goals and objectives

Monitoring and evaluation capacity building to sub grantees staffs as well as AGPAHI staffs at filed office.
 Capacity building of site and AGPAHI staff on M&E techniques, and strengthen and encourage the data use for decision making process.

Report collection, compilation, and submission to AGPAHI, donors and other stakeholders; 5

 Support the sub-grantees and sites in collaboration with Data Management Officers and Program Officers, Clinical Services to make sure that all quarterly NACP report are submitted to DACC, RACC and MoHSW (NACP) in time and complete.
 Make sure that all program quarterly reports (C&T, PMTCT, TB/HIV, Lab, PITC, supply chain and others) are reported in time and in a required quality in collaboration with PO CS, PO LAB, POCL and other staff.
 Work closely and provide technical support to DMO in all matters concerning data management at AGPAHI, sub grantees and site level.

Reviewing of all reporting tool used by AGPAHI or its sub grantees where necessary
 Critically review of data collection tools used at AGPAHI health facilities as required or where necessary.
 Support or provide advice in improving these tools
 Streamline the process of data collection to simplify and fasten the production of reports.

Glaser and other database use for program M&E.
 To assure that data entry in the Glaser, site capacity and community assessment databases is done timely, accurate and complete, in collaboration and supporting other field staffs who are involved in this activity.
 To produce several standard reports from the Glaser and SCA and other DB for use in decision making and dissemination of lesson learnt as well as program performance to different stakeholders.

Meeting and workshop to represent AGPAHI
 Participate actively in internal or external meetings concerning M&E and other project activities as delegated by the SPO M&E or Program Coordinator, M&E.

Evaluation and use of data of the program at field office to inform management of proper decision making process:
 Work with technical staff in setting, monitoring and achieving program goals and targets
 Play as key person in preparing and providing constructive performance based feedback to staffs at AGPAHI, sub grantees, sites and other stakeholders.
 Reports on quarterly basis the program implementation achievements, challenges and reasons faced implementation of program activities and advised way forward. This should be qualitative way.
 Reports on quarterly basis the outcome/effect/impact of using data through standardized template and best practice identified in different sub grantees and sites.

Assist in operation research activities in the organization:
 Work closely with technical staff to support research and targeted evaluations; through involvement in proposal development, developing tools for research and research techniques.
 Involve in report writing and dissemination of research results (through abstract submission in different conferences) after conducting the research.

Qualifications,Skills & Ability:
 Applicants should hold a degree in statistics, health sciences, public health, international health, or a related discipline. A background in medicine will be an added advantage.
 Training and experience in Monitoring and Evaluation and the development of M&E tools; preferably of HIV& AIDS interventions or a related field, or otherwise the capacity and motivation to acquire an in-depth knowledge of this field in a short time;
 Strong data management and analysis skills with experience in using Microsoft Access and Excel. Experience with SAS, SPSS, STATA an advantage

JOB TITLE: Data Management Officer (04 Posts)
REPORTS TO: Regional Program Coordinator
LOCATION: Shinyanga, Mara, Geita and Simiyu

Purpose of the Post:
The position will support the facilities and CHMTs to strengthen and oversee the health information system (GLASER, EID, DHIS, CTC2 DATABASES, PHARMACY MODULE AND LABORATORY, and MOBILE SMS. The DMO will be responsible for providing technical support to the data clerks and to ensure that data are captured accurately and completely and maintained in the prescribed manner

 Review , analyze , and validate program data to ensure consistency, integrity and accuracy based on project specific guidelines
 Review and approve CRF design, data review ground rules and database design according to Standard Operating procedures and protocol
 Assist in standardizing data management procedures such as documentation for departmental operating procedures.
 Conducting monthly backups of all databases and prompt notification of problems on CTC or reproductive and child health computers or DHIS data base in the AGPAHI supported sites and districts
 Develop and maintain documentation and data management guidelines
 Maintain program data accuracy through review of patient’s forms for completeness and consistency.
 Assist in the development and implementation of strategy for data cleaning and in the design and programming of clinical database
 To make sure all the Database are functioning and up-to-date
 Query data inconsistencies and revise case report forms in compliance with standard operating procedures, client guidelines and regulatory agency guidelines
 Generate retrievals and summaries
 Provide expertise to all areas of data management including project teams, functional areas and management. You will also monitor data management activities to gauge compliance with standard process.
 Provides leadership to Data Management in setting short-term and long-term departmental project and professional goals and objectives. Create momentum, energy and opportunities for visibility of group within corporate and functional settings support to new areas and build new cross-functional relationships while solidifying and enhancing existing relationships
 Assuring proper use, maintenance and repair of it equipment

 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences or Advanced Diploma in IT
 Experience with PEPFAR 3.0 funded projects in Tanzania
 Technical understanding of PEPFAR 3.0 and USAID indicators and managing for performance
 Computer literacy, with comfortable working experience with the basic Microsoft packages (outlook, internet, word, excel & power point)
 At least 3 years’ experience in data management or database administration.

JOB TITLE: Community Liaison Officer Adolescent Living with HIV (ALHIV)
REPORTS TO: Program Coordinator ALHIV
LOCATION: Shinyanga

Primary purpose of the position
The ALHIV program has a main goal of improving health services to prevent HIV transmission, increase identification of adolescents with HIV infection, and improve HIV care and treatment and retention for ALHIV in Tanzania.
Under the supervision of the Program coordinator ALHIV the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) will provide leadership in community initiatives that support effective referrals and follows up of adolescent and children between the health facilities in the project sites and the surrounding communities that promote Care & Treatment, PMTCT, Family Planning and retention for ALHIV activities.
He/ She will work closely with the Care & Treatment & RCH Program Officers as regard to provision of Technical guidance to implementation and documentation of lessons learnt from the sites.

Principal Functions:
 The Community Liaison Officer (CLO) will function as part of the team to provide technical leadership in facilitating collaboration and networking between the facilities based activities for Care & Treatment, PMTCT and Family Planning with the ongoing HIV/AIDS related services in the community and ensure effective linkages within the health facilities and follow-up mechanism for Care & Treatment adolescent, positive young pregnant women and exposed children are in place.
 Work with the field officers to facilitate networks and linkages between the sub-grantees with potential Organization that are involved in supporting PLHAs (in cancelling, nutrition and income generating programs) in the project sites.
 Work with the sites to strengthen linkages within the different departments and programs of the health facilities
 Represent the Organization in different collaboration meetings between government and other NGOs that focus on strengthening continuum of care in the community
 Participate in development and transition of IEC materials for the community support
 Organize trainings for peer educators in the project areas.
 Provide mentorship for the site liaison persons and peer educators
 Conduct routine site visits for technical support and improvement of performance in related program areas
 Strengthen capacity of partners and PLHA support groups in improving community linkages
 Provide technical support in best approaches for improving referrals and follow – up of clients in the community
 Share experiences of implementing community linkages with other AGPAHI Staffs and other partners
 Monitor implementations of community linkages by the sub grantees
 Represent the organization in different collaboration meetings between the government and other CBOs and NGOs that focus on strengthening continuum of care in the community.
 Assist field community linkage officers in planning and implementing their duties
 Participate in preparation and planning for different AGPAHI/EGPAF meetings
 Take a leadership role in identifying field success stories for publications
 Compile and prepare quarterly programmatic report on community linkage activities and support other team members in report preparation and compilation.
 Undertake any other duties as assigned by the Supervisor

Qualifications, Skills and ability
 Advance Diploma, Degree or equivalent, (in Social Sciences or Community Development) preferably with Master’s degree relevant to the position
 Preference will be given to the following:
 Knowledge in HIV/AIDS and the Tanzania Government structures
 Proven experience in working with rural communities in problem identification, setting solutions/planning and implementation.

JOB TITLE: Procurement Officer
REPORTS TO: Senior Procurement Officer
LOCATION: Dar es salaam

Procurement Officer will be assisting the senior in the following duties:-
 Provide efficient support and ensure success of the overall procurement activities, while providing efficient utilization of resources in accordance with USG procurement procedures
 Act on requisitions received for the procurement of goods and logistics services for the main and field offices by issuing POs after completion of the procurement cycle as per procurement procedures;
 Ensure full compliance and application of standard USG procurement rules, procedures and best practices
 Maintain procurement processes that ensure project’s effective ability to procure and deliver quality goods and services to the requesting offices
 Ensure fairness in transparent bidding processes and effective competition, as well as best prices and best value for money in all procurement and logistics activities
 Prepare regular reports on the status of the overall project procurement process
 Ensure to submit invoices received for the goods delivered/services rendered to finance department after verification along with supporting documents
 Manage the database for all service contacts in place e.g lease contract, fuel and vehicle contracts etc. with regard to main and field offices
 Negotiate Effectively and Deliver Real Bottom Line Efficiencies and Cost Savings
 Track deliveries and make sure Projects receive exactly what was ordered from vendors
 Ensure timely and quality procurement and logistics services provision according to the project’s duration
 Expedite VAT processes and ensure timely reimbursements from TRA

Qualifications and Experience
 A Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and supplies management.
 Registered by Procurement and Supplies Professional and technician Board.(Level three above )
 Advanced certificate in Strategic Procurement will be an added advantage.
 Knowledge, experience and familiarity with USG federal compliance rules, regulations and standards will be an added advantage.
 General office administration, procurement, and logistical skills.
 At least 3 years’ experience in dealing with procurement, and logistical activities.
 Additional experience working with Government of Tanzania offices (MoH & TRA) for VAT exemptions.


E-mail to
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and CV (not exceeding four pages) and names and contact information of three referees before close of business on Friday 27th October, 2017 to the Human Resources and Administration Manager, Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative, by e-mail to

Please mention the title of the position in your email subject and do not attach any document other than the CV and cover letter. Submission can also be dropped physically or by post in the address below:

Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative
Plot 372, House No. 7 Chole Road (Near Coco Beach)
P.O. Box 38252 Dar es Salaam
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