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CWS seeks to drill two water boreholes with high yield among the ten tested points, construction of two domestic point (DP)/Kiosk with built tank and 2KM piped network powered by solar energy to provide water services to Ulyankulu settlement, Kaliua District Council in Tabora Region.
With reference to the baseline hydrogeological and geoelectric resistivity survey report and the feasibility study, most of the visited villages in Ulyankulu settlement are facing a critical shortage of clean water, poor hygiene and sanitation conditions. Thus, the successful boreholes will be stepped-up by building requisite infrastructures to serve those areas. The groundwater studies to earmark potential sites for drilling has been completed and sites identified. The successful bidder will be availed a copy of such findings for the field use.
Geological survey technique was used to identifying the visible surface geology of the area and its surrounding, including identification of topography, physical features, soil type, vegetation and drainage, rocky outcrops, strike/dip of rocks etc. Geological survey helps to provide a model of historical development of a particular area with respect to geological time.
The Geophysical survey was performed by using an ABEM SAS 4000 machine which measured and records digital values of resistivity in ohm meter. The Vertical Electrical Sounding technique was used to investigate the geological and hydrogeological situation of the subsurface formations in the area. The measurements were made by using Schlumberger electrode configuration. The VES probed in the study area, the maximum separation of half current electrode AB/2 which was set to 180m. Potential electrodes MN/2 were separated according to the Schlumberger configuration at intervals of 0.5m, 2.5m, 5m, 10m and 25m.
CWS will supply the available information of the recommended drilling sites including hydro geological conditions. However, it should be clearly known that, this information does not hold CWS responsible for the changes of hydro geological conditions in the course of drilling or for the particular constraints, the contractor may encounter while carrying out this work. The contractor expected to thoroughly verify site conditions prior to commencement of drilling works.
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