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Job Opportunity at Vodacom Tanzania

Job Opportunity at Vodacom Tanzania
Job Description
EHOD: Revenue Assurance & Corporate Security - Fin248

Key accountabilities Corporate Security
-Corporate Security Policy Management
Manage and ensure accuracy and relevance of all related Corporate Security Standards, Policies, Procedures & Processes pertaining to corporate security and related operations. Includes the development of appplicable corporate security policies specific for Vodacom Tanzania.
-Emergency Preparedness – Ensure evacuation plans for Vodacom’s premises and buildings in case of natural disasters, fire and threat of fire as well as bomb threats have been developed, tested and implemented.
-Fraud Management : Ensure the adoption, implementation and monitoring of standardised fraud management processes thereby ensuring that fraud losses are minimised.
-Due Dilligences: Assist in due diligence processes to perform risk assessments of vendors and partners, when requested.
Security Awareness: Ensure the roll out of an effective and valued level of Fraud & Security Awareness within Vodacom Tanzania which communicates the requirements and activities necessary to ensure that there is strong protection of the businesses staff, assets, revenues and reputation.
-Investigation Management – Evaluate and complete investigations into all reported allegations of fraud & crime affecting the business and liaise accordingly with other agencies such as the Police etc to ensure all necessary and lawful requirements are met. Provide timely and relevant recommendations to the business in regards to any issues identified including disciplinary / criminal action.
-Proactive Fraud & Crime Reviews – Plan and complete reviews of business operations and activities which present a risk of potential fraud & crime activities and provide recommendations to mitigate these risks to the business. (Threat Analysis).
-Business Conituity: Ensure compliance to the required standards set out by Vodacom Group. This include reviewing of Technical Recover plans, roll out of any resilience policies, ensureing required off site facilities availabe, and other areas as to ensure a high level of Business Continuity management.
-Risk Management: Ensuring that the Vodacom Group ERM policy is implemented and complied to. This will include ensuring the required risk assessments are updated and the compilation of the required reports to the risk management committee, audit committee and any other committee as required.
-New business risk management: Ensure risk assessment is conducted on all new key services or products before launch as per the Vodacom Group requiremetns.
-Key stakeholders and Contract: Managing of key statkeholders and contracts in regards to Coporate Security to ensure delivery as per SLA with specific focus on Security Service providers.

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Prevention

Constantly implement and improve controls and checks in areas of RA&FM (MOBILE MONEY & GSM).
• Continuously ensure that published tariffs are indeed implemented tariffs on the systems: Billing, IN, Mobile money
• Perform quality assurance testing on key processes and systems changes which impact recording, processing and billing of revenue producing events.
• Monitor for, prevent from, identify and remedy for potential errors in revenue cycles
• Perform regular reconciliation and (gap) analysis of revenue streams.
• Monitor bill payment/collection and fraud if any by multiple checks and balances in the system.
• Investigate, understand and document issues root causes
• Propose/suggest solutions to avoid occurrence of issues
• Manage/reconcile VAS settlements with partners, supervise the interconnect settlement and tariff alignment on all network elements
• Continuously work to understand and mitigate losses to ensure the highest levels of loss avoidance and reduction.
• Maintain in depth understanding of industry trends and technological developments relative to risk and loss avoidance
• Validate accuracy of reporting and data used to create fraud policies and strategies on a recurring basis
• Report on and improve metrics
• Monitor and block unauthorized routing of calls to avoid revenue loss (bypass)
• Provide support for any Regulator inquiry and investigation in fields of RAFM
• People management: Recruit, retain, train, supervise and motivate the team at all levels of the department.


• Build the Knowledge Management of the department in terms of RAFM practices, processes, activities through systematic written and digital documenting.
• Develop and document metrics/testing/monitoring methodology and strategy and review it frequently using TCG or manual testing.
• Recommend and document fraud prevention processes’ and systems’ enhancements
• Design innovative processes, system and structural solutions to enhance department metrics
• Manage End to End TCG, Bypass and RA&FM (MOBILE MONEY & GSM) system tools, from RFQ to implementations and analysis of issued reports, so that it provides clear value addition to RAFM activities
• Define reviews and process mapping techniques and other areas
• Define areas for reactive data interrogation (where the team will focus on finding abnormalities in transaction data that may be an indicator of errors or revenue leakage, …)
• Document all revenue flows across critical function and monitors the same
• Partner with other department teams to design, develop and implement best practices to assess, manage and prevent fraud and leakages
• Work closely specifically with IT and build a strong working relationship with its members in matters of reporting, billing, charging, …
• Identify areas that need automation to minimize manual interaction
• Identify needs of potential additional tools
• Be aware of industry trends and developments in matters of RAFM
• Be aware of Regulator requirements in order not to breach any rules in matter of RAFM: secure process on this
• Other duties as assigned.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience: Corporate Security

10 years working experience in Forensic/Fraud environment, Risk Management, Internal Audit or Corporate Security Environment, including the management of people

Knowledge and experience in:

·         Good knowledge of Investigation and physical security standards and recommended practices - essential
·         A working knowledge of Investigation tools and Security Systems (for Access Control, Surveillance, Detection, Intrusion, etc.) - essential
·         A good business knowledge, especially in regards to controls required to ensure sound business practises - essential
·         Ability to work in a Corporate Environment. - advantageous
·         General knowledge of legislation governing Corporate Security. Ability to obtain knowlodge of local and/or applicable legislative requirements  pertaining to a specific market as and when required - advantageous
·         Comprehensive investigations experience, including investigations in the Financial and Information Technology Area - advantageous
·         Experience on completion of fraud risks assessment, threat analysis and physical risk evaluations of premises – essential
·         Good knowledge of a business’s internal control framework – advantageous
·         Ability to manage people.

Revenue Assurance
•      Attention to Detail: Ability to focus on the lowest level of detail and assess the impact at the macro level
•      Transaction level detail is critical to deliver innovative solutions in this role
•      Strong technical/operational skills
•      Strong analytical skills
•      Strong mix and combination of Technical/engineering skills as well as Financial skills
•      Passion for the role: Exhibit enthusiasm and a can-do attitude about work and deliverables
•      Exemplify High standards: Expect him/herself and the team to perform at highest possible levels
•      High level integrity
·         7-10 years of RA FM experience.
·         Mobile money experience is must
·         Strong knowledge of G2 system is a plus.
·         SQL, PL/SQL is a must skill
·         Knowledge of governance processes is good to have.
Must have technical / professional qualifications:

·         Degree in Risk, Forensic or Security management, Internal Audit or equivalent – essential/and Masters in IT, Accounting, Technology or Engineering
·         An ability to be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally to a wide range of people at all levels including communicating complex technical issues to a non-technical user base - essential
·         An understanding of Telecommunications sector will be an additional advantage.
·         Being qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner will be an additional advantage.

Job Type : Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date : 01-Sep-17, 8:59:00 PM

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