Thursday, 24 August 2017

Job Opportunity at Vodacom, MIS Specialist


Job Opportunity at Vodacom, MIS Specialist
Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam
Role purpose: To assist CBU-MIS Manager in providing good quality, timely, accurate and relevant organized data from VTPlc internal information systems to the relevant teams in the company.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership

Provide accurate and timely data for business analysis and decisions
Assist in developing and maintaining periodic standard and ad hoc reports that addresses recurring or once off requests from your customers
Plan, monitor and conduct analysis of subscribers, Revenues and usage across all dimensions such as product subscriptions, campaign, performance, demographic profiles and reload patterns to identify trends and make recommendations to improve product performance.
Maintain security, access and quality of VTPlc information infrastructure and records entrusted to the CUB-MIS team.
Support team member to have relevant level of skills necessary for department day to day operations.
Core competencies, knowledge and experience

Job Knowledge:

At least 1 year previous experience in similar function.
Must have technical / professional qualifications:
A degree in Computer Science /Other relevant computer related course and skills relating to database querying / programming languages
Strong database querying skills.
Strong Spread sheet and presentation skills.
Strong Analytical and statistical analysis skills
High Interpersonal Skills

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