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Job Opportunity at Robert Walters, Head of Operations


                     Job Opportunity at Robert Walters, Head of Operations

Head of Operations - Agronomy (329950/001) Tanzania

Job Summary/Introduction

We are currently recruiting for a Head of Agronomy Operations position within a leading Agricultural/Tobacco company and will be based in Tabora in Tanzania. This Head of Agronomy Operations will report into the Agronomy Director with a number of direct reports.


Key Responsibilities (But not limited to):

Crop Management:

Delivers strategy including financial, outputs, recoveries, yield, reporting frequency and quality measures, ensuring sector remains operational and financially viable

Manage work schedules, training, monitoring / verification, KPI’s and accountable systems to various Management teams

Identify weaknesses, strengths, strategy and action plans for each Agronomy Department ie Crop, People, Environment, Financial and Data

Assists with pre-season planning for annual cropping program ensuring targets are met

Operations Management:

 Maintains an overview of the organisation structure / job positions, recommends changes

Ensures staff performance is measured through performance appraisals, training and development identified, and addressed via the Human Resources Department

Oversees staff disciplinary matters, arranges for the required action to be taken, approve leave

Manages upcountry warehouses for efficient storage and security of inputs and tobacco, discusses problems relevant management

Develops monthly resource use and expenditure reports and review work plans

Maintains and/or supervises staff to maintain all documentation, records, files, and documents in a timely and professional manner and ensure that all resource transactions are accounted for

Ensures the security of all Project resources at all times by stringent monitoring and follow up and documentation

Manages all inventory and assets of the company and maintain proper records, and conduct monthly inventory updates and reports

Manage, monitor and verify all functions of Marketing and logistics through line Managers. 

Resource Management:

 Financial controls of operational budgets

Supervises operations at all levels and provide necessary support to ensure that targets are met

Manages the implementation of all programs as directed by the Director of Agronomy

Works closely with the Logistics Manager ensuring that all Market centre procedures are adhered to and frequently verified

Communications Management:

Prepares and submits all reporting documents required by the Director – weekly, monthly operations and production reports, activity reports

Conducts meetings with Executive Management and all Divisional Managers on a regular basis and maintains records of outcomes and actions

Maintains strong communication links with Managers through a viable network and feedback system

Form working relationships with other agencies in the area to coordinate activities where necessary

Compiles quarterly and monthly crop reports as and when required by deadline

Assists in the implementation of the plan of action, participates, reviews achievements and constraints, and provides feedback accordingly

Develops a team approach with good working relationship with all subordinates within his region ensuring a disciplined approach to work

Ensures time lines of required operational procedures are kept, notify management of irregularities

Cooperative Activities:

 Guides subordinates in the standardisation of pre-contract issues for Regions, and ensures that these are submitted to the relevant area

Guides and liaises with line subordinates on how to handle Unions on Tobacco farming contracts

Analyses Union problems, proposes solutions and reports on the concerns

Monitors upcountry inputs distribution, bookkeeping, monthly during period of inputs distribution

Monitors debt recovery through rationing sales of green tobacco by the different primary societies, data processing and analysis

Safety Health Environment:

 Checks that employees observe safety measures and reports substandard acts and non compliance

Ensures the area first aider and SHE representative are available and doing their duties accordingly

Identifying hazards in his/her area and reports to the SHE coordinator, ensures monthly SHE meetings

Checks implementation of safety measures by all workers and reports all near misses and accidents in his area to SHE coordinator

Ensures that his/her subordinates are conversant with the emergency evacuation procedure, that safe working skills are taught where required and ensure any new employee is well versed on fire drill requirements, including evacuation procedure

Accidents are to be correctly investigated and reported and that corrective action is taken

Ensure that all bins with separated wastes are dumped correctly into the skips where wastes are kept before taken to the dump site

Decides how to manage the Field Operations to ensure that the Agronomy Department remains viable, and staffing adequately meets the goals and objectives of the Department

Key Qualifications (But not limited to):

 Degree/Diploma in Agriculture, Agronomy, Crop Science, Botany or related field support essential

Proven experience in agriculture, tobacco specifically of at least 5-7 years

5 years in a Senior Management level

Should you be an expatriate willing to relocate to Tabora looking for new opportunities in a growing leader within the Tobacco industry, please don't hesitate to apply for this vacancy.

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