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Job Opportunities at Weight and Measurement Agency (WMA)

Job Opportunities at Weight and Measurement Agency (WMA)
The history of Weights and Measures is traced back since the early human civilization. Measurement System is undoubtedly one of man’s greatest and most important inventions that cannot be left aside in the history of evolution of civilization. Every human being on our planet is affected by measurements in one way or another. Imagine, from the moment we are born and throughout our daily lives, the act of weighing or measuring is an important and often vital part of our existence. Our bodies, the food we eat and all the products we use as an integral part of modern living have all been weighed and measured at some stage or another in their development. It is almost impossible to describe anything without referring to weights and measures. Therefore, weighing or measuring is natural and vital part of our everyday life.

Economies in the world depend on reliable measurements that are trusted and accepted internationally. This facilitates trade and reduces transaction costs.

The use of weights and measures in the country is believed to be introduced even before the First World War, during the German era. While the German introduced the Metric System of measurement, the British, introduced the Imperial System of measurement. The execution of weights and measures duties was done by Weights and Measures Inspectors under the control of the Commissioner of Police according to Cap.221 of the laws. It was the duty of Governor to procure the Imperial Weights and Measures Standards and to appoint and revoke the appointments of the Weights and Measures Inspectors.

In 1960, the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Cap.221 was repealed by enactment of the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Cap.426 of 1960 which placed the role of the Weights and Measures under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. According to the Weights and Measures Ordinance, Cap.426, authority to procure standards was still under the Governor although powers to appoint heads of Weights and Measures Bureau, which was then a unit in the department of Commerce in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, was vested in the Minister. It was from this time when the Weights and Measures Unit became known as “The National Bureau of Standards” in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry until 1964 when it was put under the Ministry of Commerce and Co-operatives.

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