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Field Team Supervisor at Church World Service

Application deadline 2017-08-14
Kasulu Mjini Kigoma

CWS RSC Africa
The Resettlement Support Center (CWS RSC Africa) operates a US refugee resettlement program in sub-Saharan Africa through a Cooperative Agreement with the Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. CWS RSC Africa is responsible for the preparation of refugee case files for adjudication by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers, as well as the out-processing and cultural orientation of all approved cases. CWS RSC Africa is administered by the Church World Service Immigration Refugee Program (CWS/IRP) and is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with a sub-office in Pretoria, South Africa.

CWS Global and CWS RSC Africa offer a total compensation package. The total compensation package includes life insurance, comprehensive health insurance, dental coverage, vision coverage; housing stipend, and a relocation allowance. CWS RSC Africa also offers 22 vacation days a year (these days exclude weekends and public holidays), sick days, compassionate leave (as per the law), and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
This position is contingent on funding availability.

Primary Purpose
This position is responsible for the supervision of all Field Team staff in Kasulu Satellite office, including managing the daily workloads and training needs of the entire unit, and may involve travel to other locations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Field Team Supervisors will exhibit the highest professional standards and ethics, and serve as a role model for leadership and accountability for all Field Team staff.
This position supervises the Field Team staff in the Kasulu, Tanzania office. This position reports to the Site Manager.
Essential Duties
Directly supervises field-based staff on the RSC Africa Operations field team. Performs all of the essential duties outlined in the RSC Africa Caseworker and Senior Caseworker job descriptions including: Achieves and maintains a high performance standard based on a thorough knowledge of, and adherence to, established Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) Resettlement Support Centre (CWS/RSC Africa), Department of State (DOS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Refugee Processing Centre (RPC) policies and procedures regarding current refugee processing eligibility criteria, database, and file management guidelines, the role of US Resettlement Agencies and refugee producing country conditions. Travels to locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to conduct AOR screenings, prescreening interviews, and support CIS adjudications with refugee applicants. Conducts AOR Screening and Pre-Screening interviews, per the daily minimums set by Field Team Management, in a non-confrontational, objective, and dignified manner. This includes: Identifying cases ready for screening. Scheduling cases per RSC/PRM/CIS guidelines. Explaining the USRAP and distributing key messages Determining case composition and ensures all refugee cases are cross-referenced according to established standard operating procedures. Writing deferrals and info memos for referring agency action, as required. Establishing the validity of an applicant’s identity through collection and verification of all demographic and biographic information including, but not limited to, names, nationalities, birth dates, and locations of all immediate family members in order to complete the refugee case history as required. Collecting all identity information including photographs, height, and weight. Collecting and running all required information for security checks. Documenting applicant’s persecution claim. Analysing, evaluating, and assessing the eligibility of refugee applicants for final adjudication by USCIS officers. Running Quality Check reports to ensure complete and accurate files, as well as identifying and correcting processing errors prior to USCIS adjudication. Supports USCIS officers for the adjudication of USRAP cases. This includes: Identifying and reviewing cases pending USCIS interviews in preparation for scheduling Scheduling cases in WRAPS, scheduling applicants for fingerprints, generating reports for refugee/partner notification, ensuring that the reports are centrally filed for easy retrieval, and updating WRAPS accordingly. Conducting cross reference counseling, ensuring families are resettled per their wishes, while ensuring no vulnerable applicants are left behind. Reviewing physical and WRAPS files and constituting physical files. Meticulously completing post-Adjudication review, ensuring all documents are correctly completed, updating requests, decisions and fingerprints, and preparing and distributing decision letters. Conducts file reviews in accordance with RSC and USCIS guidelines, paying close attention to detail. Works with other Operations departments as necessary to properly update cases. Consults with RSC Operations management to ensure exceptional case scenarios are processed in accordance with established policies and procedures. Assists as needed in preparing circuit rides. This may include but is not limited to; requisitioning supplies, assisting GSO in preparation, packing of files, contacting interpreters. Assists in Circuit Ride clean up at the end of the circuit ride, and other tasks as assigned by the Supervisors. Assists in various administrative tasks including but not limited to: research, locating files, data entry, in and out-processing and case analysis. Works closely with the Data Integrity Unit to develop and ensure the timely distribution of all statistical reports related to case processing. Analyses complex cases in consultation with Supervisors in accordance with established policies and procedures, while remaining open to supervisory direction. Trains new staff as required and contributes to the design, development and implementation of Field Team training procedures. Contributes to the implementation, development and updating of standard operating procedures for the Field Team in coordination with Field Team Supervisors, Managers and Field Team Coordinator. Performs additional duties and special assignments as needed to facilitate the efficient processing and operation of the United States Refugee Admissions Program in Sub-Saharan Africa. Travels alone or in a group to locations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to conduct AOR screenings, prescreening interviews, and support CIS adjudications with refugee applicants in a non-confrontational, objective and dignified manner. Coordinates and manages logistics in the field for circuit rides. This involves but is not limited to; maintaining effective relations with UNHCR, IOM, USCIS, US Embassies and other implementing partners; coordinating transport of files, equipment and supplies; ensuring equipment is well managed and utilized; hiring, supervising and paying of interpreters; completing a trip report and accounting fully for funds advanced; and maintaining thorough knowledge and adherence to Circuit Ride Standard Operating Procedures. May be assigned to be Point of Contact, leading small teams in the field. Completes six “Prescreening Two” interviews today. Works on high level security and sensitive cases as needed. Acts in place of Field Team or Family Reunification Supervisor, as needed. Serves as the Point of Contact for group inboxes and works with other Operations departments as necessary to properly update the appropriate cases. Oversees office-based projects, both long-term and short-term; Maintains a thorough knowledge of case processing guidelines, the US Refugee Admissions Program, and country conditions throughout the Sub-Saharan African region and ensures adherence to established RSC, CWS/IRP, RPC, PRM, USCIS and UNHCR policies and procedures regarding eligibility, processing, treatment of records and confidentiality. Ensures refugee case processing functions performed by staff adhere to USRAP, USCIS, RPC, and RSC standards and guidelines to ensure the integrity of RSC case processing and strict adherence to the DOS/BPRM Guidelines for the Treatment of Refugee Records. Coordinates with other Field Team supervisors ensuring RSC circuit rides are planned, revised and updated as needed until confirmed, and staff are prepared while ensuring all functions are completed in the most operationally responsible manner. Develops, updates, and implements comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOPs) and works with other Field Team supervisors to ensure that the Field Team SOPs are coherent and comprehensive. Ensures all their direct reports have two unannounced observations per year and that at least one of their case files is reviewed monthly. Provides leadership and guidance for all staff and assists in the development of each staff member. Guides and supports all staff regarding how to effectively work with implementing partners in the field, as well as fully prepares for each circuit ride. Ensures all RSC Pre-Screening and Adjudications case review, WRAPS updates and clean-up is completed in a thorough, accurate and timely manner. Liaises closely with other departments at the RSC, including Case Processing, Correspondence, Data Integrity, Security and Human Resources, to ensure consistency in processing and staffing. Develops and implements comprehensive training materials and processes for the training and orientation of newly hired staff. Works closely with HR and other relevant departments to ensure orientation of newly hired staff is conducted during the dates designated by RSC Africa’s HR Department. Conducts ongoing training assessments and develops and implements training modules to meet staff training needs. Consistently strives to find process improvements and ensures current process meets with RSC Africa and USRAP guidelines and standards. Travels to field processing locations to monitor and evaluate staff performance and file quality; conducts refugee interviews as necessary. Hires new Field Team staff in conjunction with other Field Team Supervisors, RSC Operations management, and HR staff. Liaises closely with the Staff Security Coordinator to ensure all field team staff are in compliance with RSC Africa security guidelines. Monitors staff time and attendance, regularly provides and documents performance feedback, completes probationary and annual evaluations, and other human resource functions associated with supervising staff. Other duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study or four (4) years of paid work experience in lieu of a degree. Master’s degree preferred 
Experience: (required)
Five (5) years of professional work experience required. One (1) year of direct supervisory experience is required. Experience in overseas processing or US refugee resettlement is preferred.

Thorough knowledge of the US Refugee Admissions Program and WRAPS database. Demonstrated computer skills, especially Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Access. Excellent organizational and time management skills. Fluency in written and verbal English language communication required. Preliminary screening of writing skills will determine eligibility for interviews for qualified candidates. 
The Field Team Supervisor must have the ability to:
supervise field staff to ensure policies and procedures are implemented and executed in accordance with guidelines and standard operating procedures; exercise good judgment and seek guidance as appropriate when confronted with unanticipated problems; communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; follow instructions from the Supervisor with a positive and receptive attitude; deal effectively and courteously with a large number of associates, outside agencies, refugees and members of the general public; conduct oneself in a professional and courteous manner to represent the best interests of RSC Africa and CWS/IRP; maintain a high performance standard with attention to detail; carry out all of the duties of the position efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision; work independently and contribute to overall operations of RSC Africa; take initiative in the development and completion of projects; lead others and address issues as they arise; maintain strict confidentiality with RSC Africa administrative and operational information; manage a large and diverse workload under pressure with competing priorities; analyse and solve complex problems and make sound decisions; work well as a team in a multi-cultural environment while maintaining a high level of motivation; effectively manage RSC Africa’s resources; actively participate in the implementation of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). 
Working Conditions
Physical: This position requires bending, squatting, climbing, kneeling, sitting, standing, walking, pushing/pulling, handling objects (manual dexterity), reaching above shoulder level, using fine finger movements and lifting/carrying heavy loads.
Environmental: Incumbents in this position will be exposed to excessive noise, marked changes in temperature and/or humidity, dust and infectious diseases, harsh weather climates, long work hours, bumpy roads, extended travel, excessive sun exposure, and non-ventilated spaces.
Special Requirements
Certificate of Good Conduct is required before the start of employment. A valid passport and the ability to maintain a valid passport throughout the entire appointment is required, which includes having enough passport pages for travel. The candidate should be of good health, willing and able to travel extensively in often difficult conditions, and have a high degree of flexibility. Must have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination before travelling for RSC Africa. Employee will be entrusted with the receipt, custody and payment of money.
Ensure effective exchanges of information with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include speaking to others respectfully; expressing ideas in a logical, organized way; sharing information appropriately; and clarity and conciseness in written communication.
Ensure constructive and supportive interactions with others. Examples of skills and behaviors include being positive and supportive when working with others; sharing information and resources freely; resolving conflict constructively; and proactively working to remove obstacles to success for others.
Job Knowledge
Utilize and apply job related knowledge to complete job tasks at a level that meets or exceeds expectations. Examples of skills and behaviors include utilizing job knowledge to solve problems or develop new approaches; maintaining or enhancing skills through continuing education; and taking on projects that will develop or enhance skills.
Work effectively and contribute as a member of a team. Examples of skills and behaviors include supporting other team members by sharing information; covering the work of others during absences, vacations etc.; and actively participating in developing ideas for ways to increase team effectiveness.
Problem Solving
Analyze information and develop solutions to challenges that arise during the course of performing a job. Examples of skills and behaviors include researching and collecting facts; defining the issues and the parties affected; formulating options/solutions for addressing the problem; and engendering support for and implementing the solution.
Operational Leadership
Successfully lead a group to achieve operational goals. Examples of skills and behaviors include priority setting; timely decision making; planning and organizing; delegation; and managing and measuring work.
Building and Leading Effective Teams
Earn the respect of team members, create strong morale and spirit on the team and utilize the unique skills of all team members. Examples of skills and behaviors include managing diverse relationships; flexibility; being open and receptive; running effective team meetings; and exhibiting integrity and trustworthiness.
Strategic Leadership
Accurately anticipate future consequences and trends and translate them into the fulfilment of workable strategies and plans. Examples of skills and behaviors include problem solving; dealing with ambiguity, creativity; innovation 
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