Friday, 7 July 2017

Job Opportunity Precision Air

Precision Air Services has invested a lot in its Human Capital to enhance capacity building and ensure knowledge transfer in as far as human capital development is concerned. The airline has managed to train its own Pilots as well as Aircraft Engineers/Technicians.
So far four Pilots have been trained from scratch to acquire rare and expensive skills. In addition, the company has trained a total of 12 technicians for the past 3 years in collaboration with ATR Toulouse France. Human development has not left out the Management skills required to run an airline business in a competitive environment. Five Management staff have so far been enrolled into the MBA program in Toulouse.
Job Creation:
Precision Air has created jobs for over 600 employees who are currently working with the airline. 
Of the 600 employees, about 150 jobs were created in October 2009 after the company was granted a license to do Self Ground Handling Services. 
Once granted a license to handle third party airlines and with the completion of the hangar project, even more jobs will be created.

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