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3 Job Opportunities at The World Vision Tanzania


3 Job Opportunities at The World Vision Tanzania

National Director, World Vision Tanzania

Reference: 7376-21N09032
Location: Africa - Tanzania
Town/City: Dar es Salaam

Application Deadline Date: 16-Jul-17



The Tanzanian landscape focuses on the child wellbeing indicators in education, health, nutrition and HIV & AIDS; as well as community livelihood's and resilience in matters of food security, water and sanitation, economic development, peace-building and disaster mitigation.


Tanzania is a democratic republic on the coast of East Africa with a population of 53.5 million people. The country’s political stability, sound macroeconomic management, and natural resources all contribute to its potential for sustained growth. While Tanzania’s economy has steadily grown over the past decade, these changes have been hardly felt among rural, agriculture-dependent populations, while over one third of Tanzania’s overall population continues to live in poverty. Malnutrition remains high, with stunting rates among children under five at over 34 percent, maternal anemia at 45 percent and two-thirds of children suffer two or more severe deprivations. Despite these challenges, the agriculture sector - which contributes nearly one-third of GDP and employs 75 percent of the population - holds the potential to increase incomes and improve livelihoods.

Capital: Dodoma

Area: 947,303 km2

Population: 53.47 million

Life expectancy at birth: 61 years

Ethnic groups: Tanzania has over 120 Ethnic groups.

Religions: Christianity (61.4%), Islam (35.2%), Indigenous beliefs and others (3.2%)

Languages: Swahili and English are official languages. 120+ different languages are spoken in Tanzania.

WV Ministry in the Country:

World Vision (WV) is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision Tanzania (WVT) ( started in 1981 and reaches 5.5 million and 9.5 million children directly and indirectly, respectively, annually, in 13 of 30 regions. WVT has more than 500 development professionals operating in more than 50 field offices supporting its humanitarian and long-term development programs in livelihoods, health, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and education, and advocacy. Additionally, WVT invests its private funds into integrated programs, adding value to its grants.

Strategic Goal & Focus:

By 2020 WVT will be contributing to the measurable improvement in the sustained well-being of 5.5 million children directly and 9.5 million indirectly – especially the most vulnerable. WVT focuses on Livelihood, Health, Nutrition and WASH and Education, with Livelihood being the primary sector. Spiritual Development and Protection of Children are cross-cutting functions.


Set a strategic vision for the office and lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of World Vision Tanzania Ministry as an effective member of the Partnership in line with ‘Twin Citizenship’ principles to ensure solid ministry quality and high impact in the field; be accountable for all aspects of WV’s work in the country.

Ensure that WV’s ministry directly aligns with LEAP 3 principles and contributes at scale to the sustained well-being of children and the fulfilment of their rights within families and communities.

Have a strong external orientation and represent WV with all donors, project partners, WV Partnership Offices and divisions, local government, church representatives and non- governmental organizations, serving according to the Power of Attorney given by the Global Center.

Ensure alignment with Vision Fund Tanzania (VFT), World Vision’s MFI arm, through participation in Vision Fund’s Board as Chair of the Board and other Governance structures, and provide appropriate collegial support to MFI Executive Director.

Ensure alignment with GAFCo (Great Africa Food Company) a social impact farming company whose investors are also WV donors. Provide leadership for the 3-in-1 strategy (3 organizations WVT, VFT and GAFCo working together for one common purpose) which is to organize smallholder farmers, provide them access to farming credit and insurance products, supply improved crop inputs, provide extension services, post-handling/storage and linkages to markets. Participate as an observer/advisor to the GAFCo Board.

Appropriately develop national governance through identifying national lay leaders for board membership and leading organizational transition.

Maintain a strong growth with quality mentality and lead the office to leverage its private resources portfolio to ensure growth in the area of grants.

Provide leadership, strategic direction and support in the development and implementation of an effective Resource Development Strategy.

Ensure people issues are front and centre, promoting an office that embraces diversity, interfaith collaboration, gender balance and engagement with all Partnership staff.


Spiritual Leadership:

Ensure that the office has a strong and integrated Faith and Development strategy that includes staff nurture, integration of program approaches such as Covenant with umbrella church bodies, Celebrating Families, FBFs, etc.

Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity though lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the Vision, Mission and WV Core Values.

Ensure that office leadership is capable to work in interfaith contexts and is familiar with World Vision’s commitments.

Participate and lead regular devotional meetings.

Ministry Performance:

Ensure high quality ministry approaches that align with LEAP 3 principles and ensure best practice development work at scale.

Ensure strong ability to measure CWB outcomes and maintain a green rating on the CWB report each year.

Ensure strong engagement in resource mobilization, including positioning and support to grant acquisition efforts to raise additional resources and diversify WV Tanzania’s portfolio.

Ensure the highest standards of quality and accountability through compliance with World Vision policies and standards and international standards for emergency response, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation and development.

Ensure all project proposals, reports, integrated audits and ministry evaluations are reviewed at a proper level within the office and appropriate actions are implemented, to ensure impact, accountability and compliance.

Ensure that a strong national Monitoring & Evaluation strategy is in place and that M&E systems are streamlined to reduce processes and focus on child well-being.

Ensure accountability for the implementation of effective ministry to all key stakeholders. Ensure a relevant, timely and accurate flow of management and operational reports according to program objectives and standards and to meet reporting requirements from donors, Regional Offices, local partners.

Strategy, Operating Plan and Long and Short Term Targets:

Ensure there is a documented office strategy, Ministry strategies and operating plans, and the latter have been derived from the office strategy and has clear, measurable short-term and long-term targets.

Ensure that Ministry strategies are aligned with Regional and Partnership strategic priorities.

Ensure there are clear strategies for People and Culture, Communications and other main functions, and they are based on the office strategy and operational plan and include main priority areas identified in respective Regional and Partnership Strategies. Facilitate and be accountable for the execution and monitoring of strategies.

Leadership and Management of WV Tanzania:

Promote WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and key Partnership Standards and Practices among the staff and partners and ensure these are the core foundation of WV Tanzania strategies and work.

Lead SLT and ensure diverse representation on the leadership team.

Strong focus on leadership and people management, ensuring the most capable and qualified staff members are in place to implement office strategy and operational plans.

Lead processes to develop national office governance from advisory status to governing board. Lead processes to transition the office to fully interdependent status.

Review and approve WV Tanzania’s succession plan.

Ensure that proper capacity is in place and succession plans are updated and executed.

Promote and participate in leadership development initiatives, including those for staff at management levels in the field and at the NO level.

Lead and manage WVT’s team in a way that facilitates a high performance culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity.

Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of human capital in the office.

Ensure implementation and compliance to Partnership Performance Management Standards and Principles, while seeking to implement Performance Management guidelines on reasonable level; Champion WVT’s leadership team in the proper implementation of Performance Evaluations on a mid –term and annual basis for the whole organization.

Support initiatives for staff care and well-being, both for international and local employees.

Ensure excellent standards in the management of the human, financial, capital and technical resources of the organization, which includes inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders.

Set up and regularly update the NO enterprise risk management (ERM) framework to identify, manage and report on key risks.

Visit field projects frequently to encourage, build relationships and support WV programs.

Ensure that initiatives directed to build capacity required to implement local fundraising are included in the office capacity-building plan.

Advocacy and Representation:

Represent WVT and engage and build strategic alliances with the government of the country, WVT board, major donor agencies, WV Partnership, non-governmental agencies, churches and media.

Develop and implement appropriate advocacy strategies to raise awareness of- and advocate for change in- key issues within Tanzania that relate to CWB.

Lead and facilitate strategies for the promotion of justice that look for the change of unfair structures that oppress those in need.

Ensure WV is positioned as a leading NGO in promoting the well-being and rights of children within the country context to develop public and stakeholders’ confidence and trust.

Strengthen awareness of World Vision’s program both within and outside of the WV Partnership.

Ensure that the WV brand is respected within the country and that all vehicles and facilities are properly branded with standard WV branding.

Provide leadership, strategic direction and support to the team for developing and implementing a strong donor experience and acquisition of ministry funds.

Identify new opportunities and forge alliances that lead to optimization of all resources.

Financial Management and Financial and Operational Audit Compliance:

Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices that result in successful financial and operational audit scores.

Ensure action planning and execution to resolve audit findings in an agreed and timely manner. Undertake appropriate reporting of audit results and actions.

Oversee and ensure strong engagement of leadership in monthly FFRs and ensure rapid action on issues raised.

Ensure strong financial compliance through timeliness and completeness of financial reports.

Ensure strong operational compliance through timeliness and completeness of program/project reports.

Provide direction for integrating private and public funds to maximize results and respond to community needs in most effective and efficient way.

Manage overall financial integrity of the program to WV Support Offices donors, the government and other stakeholders.

Provide overall strategic leadership and initiative for identifying and securing financial resources to support the program.

Safety and Security, Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness:

Develop and maintain capacity to respond to natural and man-made emergencies.

Review security and safety plans and protocols (security manual, evacuation plan, Disaster Preparedness Plan, and risk assessments at national Regional and Cluster Office levels) and ensure understanding and compliance by all staff and visitors.

Oversee relief efforts, as and when they arise and work in partnership with response teams. Build in-country relief response capacity to ensure adequate disaster management and response.

Liaise with other international organizations to collect information about the security environment and, where appropriate, discuss joint responses to security threats.

Compliance and Country Legal Environment:

Ensure the office complies with local labour law requirements and standards.

Maintain an external legal counsel that can support WV leadership when required.

Ensure and oversee proper mechanisms for Child Protection and other WVI standards and principles implementation.

Ensure that the entity functions in a complementary, cohesive manner where principles of interdependence and twin citizenship guide the contribution made to the Partnership and the use of WV Partnership resources.

Resource Development and Management:

Explore opportunities and facilitate Resource Development business planning. Align with regional GAM team objectives.

Develop and implement an effective National Resource Development strategy and implementation plan to generate funds locally.

Execute plan to generate funds from a variety of donors.

Implement long term and short term programs that create new opportunities for acquisition, retention and transformation of a diverse set of private donors.

Ensure strong external engagement and visibility of WV Tanzania to help promote its work to key donors and acquire greater levels of resource for ministry from a diverse set of donors.

Ensure strong grants management to create trust and engagement with the donor for accessing future resources and increased credibility.

VFT & GAFCo Strategic Management:

As Chair of the VISION FUND TANZANIA (VFT) MICROFINANCE BANK board, ensure that VFT’s micro-finance ministry is integrated with World Vision’s ministry to promote fullness of life for children and their communities.

As board observer/advisor for the Great African Food Company (GAFCo), ensure the integrated strategy for 3-in-1 (WVT, VFT and GAFCo) strategy to connect smallholder farmers to markets empowers parent’s and caregivers to provide well for their children.

Facilitate programmatic integration of WVT, VFT and GAFCo in APs/ADPs operations.


Government Grants & Budgets:

Strong knowledge of financial management and accounting principles.

Strong expertise in grant acquisition and management.

Manage a budget of almost $40m (Level III position - $41 – 100 million).

Major Ministries:

Experience in technical programming in at least one of the major ministry components.

(Relief, Development or Advocacy), close familiarity with the other two.

Knowledge of LEAP 3 processes and Transformational Development preferred.

Experience and/or understanding of advocacy execution, national advocacy strategy development and leading advocacy efforts as a pillar of a theory of change.


Experience working in African contexts.

Understanding of political, socio-economic, and cultural contexts within the country achieved within 3 months after assuming the role.

Experience and/or understanding of working in a large and complex organization with a matrix management structure.


Experience leading diverse executive teams. Experience with boards or advisory councils.

Ability to present persuasively to a board, Senior Management Team, staff, donors, NGOs, government officials, community leaders and other stakeholders.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Master’s Degree in a relevant field.

15 years relevant experience in international relief and development, with progressively more complex and higher level leadership roles.

Training in NGO leadership and experience in leading diverse teams that include national and international staff.

Experience with integrated community development programming, with a diverse knowledge of technical program areas where WV focuses (education, health/nutrition, livelihood/resilience, micro-finance, child protection, etc).

Experience managing large and complex operations. Experience in emergency/refugee contexts.

Excellent grant acquisition experience, including experience with a diverse set of donors, as well as a strong ability to partner and position for complex grants.

Experience in leading local fundraising, including management responsibilities preferably over the areas of fundraising with major private donors and Governments.

Experience in Microfinance operations is an advantage.

Experience in being a member of Board and also understanding of Board mandate

Significant management experience (general/operational) where there is evidence of both accountability and managerial know-how, and high quality delivery of results.

Strong ability to engage externally with donors, partners and other stakeholders. Evidence of building coalitions and engaging externally to influence policy and strategic directions.

Fluency in English/strong written and spoken English language skills and ability to communicate the Mission and Vision of the organization well.

Experience with World Vision desirable.

Other Competencies/Attributes:

Must exhibit composure and professionalism. Able to represent World Vision to government officials, donors and other external stakeholders in a professional and self-assured manner.

Have worked in Africa and understand the context and cultures of the continent.

Able to interact with a variety of individuals and ethnic groups.

Strong developer of teams and ability to embrace leadership principles and promote staff engagement and well-being.

Model Christian commitment and integrity while embracing denominational diversity and demonstrating an ability to engage in an interfaith context.

Strong moral values and convictions. Personal life which is exemplary.

Working Environment/Conditions:

Work environment: Office-based with frequent travel to the field.

Travel: 25% domestic with occasional international travel required.


Director, Child Sponsorship Marketing

Reference: 7392-18G21020
Location: Global

Application Deadline Date: 13-Jul-17


*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within a jurisdiction (Country or U.S. state) where WVI is registered to operate.


The Director of Child Sponsorship Marketing heads up the strategic direction of World Vision child sponsorship marketing globally, focused on stabilizing fundraising income (currently at $1.1bn annually) and returning it to growth.

This will require turning around the global child sponsorship acquisition rate, reducing the global cancellation rate and increasing sponsor value across the lifetime experience. The role will work in partnership with and through regional marketing senior advisor roles in both Asia and Europe, while also having personal direct influence and relationship with the largest 8 fundraising markets.

This position is an important global leadership role for the global strategic initiative to revitalize child sponsorship marketing to become industry best in class, ensuring stability and future growth of our field ministry to bring life in all its fullness to millions of the world’s most vulnerable children. The role will also partner with and help deliver upon our new global brand and ministry fundraising strategies. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a global change initiative within a category leading iNGO.

As part of a global change program of work the candidate will actively lead the development of a new core global marketing capability for progressive optimization and innovation using their extensive knowledge, experience and background in global and regional consumer good/experience needs-based marketing.

The ideal candidate is someone who preferably has a deep knowledge base of how the Child Sponsorship program works end-to-end, both from the National Office (NO) and Support Office (SO) perspective, to ensure the balancing of consumer needs/motivations with our field work goals and realities.

The candidate is able to proactively communicate clear and simple global strategies and frameworks, influencing marketing leaders across multiple cultures to adopt them, thereby unifying 100’s of marketers and product managers across the partnership to ensure a renewed child sponsorship marketing offer is effectively scaled.


Alignment with Field Ministry:

Develop and sustain continued alignment between field ministry goals, programming models and global fundraising feasibility through Child Sponsorship through engagement and collaboration with senior ministry leaders across the partnership to understand short and long-term strategies and roadmaps for field ministry and programmes, how they impact child well-being outcomes and to define the connection points for child sponsorship and adjacent offers.

Ensure our market position and value proposition accurately represents our fieldwork reality, and uses evidence-based impact claims and research outputs.

Global Marketing Offer Progression & Innovation:

Lead on-going progressive optimisation and breakthrough innovation (as required) of the global Child Sponsorship marketing offer and framework that reinforces our position and differentiates WV Child Sponsorship in the category and market, and that effectively represents WV’s global brand, Christian, child-focused, and community-based programming approach.

Work with external consultants, advisors and senior marketers in Support Offices to ensure suitable and continuous insights are attained that enable this development.

Partner with support offices to identify, test and report on new marketing and sponsor experience opportunities, and foster scaling of the winners.

Global Marketing Leadership, Discipline & Best Practice:

Leads and influences a cross-coordination team of marketing specialists within WVI and SOs to define the global Child Sponsorship ‘product marketing offer framework’, drive its adoption with Support Office marketing leaders to ensure global alignment.

Personally leads and influences largest 6-8 SO Marketing Directors and managers to drive best in class marketing discipline and alignment with the Child Sponsorship Marketing Strategic Foundations (and future versions), and respective

SO challenges and opportunities.

Through Regional Managers, leads and influences all other SO Marketing Directors and managers to drive best in class marketing discipline and alignment.

Lead collaborative sharing, learning, best practice management, marketing discipline and alignment, and scaled adoption of global best practice within:

consumer insights and segmentation.

attraction marketing strategy.

acquisition & multi-channel strategy.

retention and cultivation marketing strategy.

overarching sponsor experience strategy including moves management and messaging, and alignment to brand.

Virtual Team Leadership & Influence:

Leads a direct staff virtual team with subject matter expertise in global and regional marketing. Creates a team culture of value adding and serving Support Office goals.

Organizes and manages the work of the team to provide cross-functional staff support to fulfill the deliverables, and to help link to communities of practice and functional teams. Manages consultants and special working groups as required to fulfill the objectives.

Drive continuous improvement in SO relationship management and through teamwork and collaboration within GRD.

Arrange and facilitate regular high-level child sponsorship marketing meetings, share best practices.

Partner with Digital Marketing Capability team to ensure digital transformation and experiences are foundational to the SO change agenda.

Tag-team with Brand & Private Funding directors to advance common goals, share knowledge, insights and minimize duplication of SO engagement.

For National Offices and transitional economy fundraising offices, monitor needs and advocate for and allocate resources as required to support emerging market opportunities.


10-15 years in marketing, fundraising or related role, including 5-7 years at a senior management level with demonstrable success in achieving growth.

Exceptional ability to lead change through relationship and influence, across diver.

Exceptional intellectual ability - a clear strategic marketing thinker.

Significant experience in leading change in a complex environment.

Ideally, minimum 5 years of experience leading a marketing function within one of the largest World Vision Support offices and / or Minimum 7 years of experience leading a marketing function within a global, federated organisation.

Master’s degree or equivalent in strategy or marketing.

The post-holder must have an active Christian faith.

Strong marketing and strategy skills with working knowledge of change management principles.

Exceptional interpersonal skills and able to win the confidence of a broad range of different stakeholders including leaders from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds.

Demonstrated ability to guide, edit and assure clear, brief and compelling written and visual communications. Ability to synthesize complex concepts for a wide variety of audiences.

Experience of working in a global and multi-cultural environment.

Supportive and influential engagement with senior partners internally and externally, including leadership groups and peer directors.

Excellent written and verbal communications in English.


Understanding of marketing strategies, with the ability to develop strategic and tactical communications plans and outline the resources required to implement them.

Demonstrable experience in managing matrixed/complex teams, including staff, freelance and agency team members.

Experience in setting, implementing, monitoring and measuring marketing plans and ensuring delivery against agreed targets.

An understanding of international development and an empathy for people living amid poverty or oppression.

Position may require travel to international locations where World Vision works, in conditions that are quite basic.

Work Environment/Travel:

The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.


Service Management Specialist II

Reference: 7319-14G18058
Location: Global

Application Deadline Date: 03-Jul-17


*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within East Africa, South Africa, West Africa or Middle East & European Region where WVI is registered to operate.


A Service Management Specialist II provides support for moderate to complex service assignments. They work on multiple projects/systems/issues at a time as a project team member, sometimes as a project lead. They deliver IT solutions and support for a multiple entities or offices.

Individuals within the Service Management job family work as the interface with assigned areas of the business (i.e., National Office, Regional Office, multiple Regions) for the purpose of assuring and planning IT service. These individuals serve as the relationship linkage between global ICT and National/Regional IT services. They provide highly-valued consulting level support, guidance and planning through key IT service initiatives, and review, manage and ensure service level agreements. They also communicate decisions, priorities and relevant project information to appropriate levels of staff.

Individuals must be able to communicate clearly, negotiate well, listen well, mitigate conflict, build alliances and achieve desired results using strong interpersonal and diplomacy skills. They must be able to work collaboratively with system users, other technical colleagues and business users. They need good project management skills and experience of managing multiple projects. They work closely with others on service issues across organizational and business-entity boundaries. Their knowledge of technology risks and opportunities are shared to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.


Technical Support:

Second point of contact and day-to-day technical support to end users.

Responds to Level 2 support requests via multiple sources such as phone and e-mail.

Ensures that all customer issues/requests are recorded into the ticketing system.

Diagnoses problems by evaluating multiple options and escalates problems when necessary as per procedure.

Interacts with clients in a courteous and professional manner.

Participates in integration and user acceptance testing of new service desk tools/practices.

Creates, modifies and reviews documentation of issues resolutions.

Documents solutions to common problems and responses to frequently asked questions.

Creates and submits documented resolution to Knowledge Base.

Service Level Agreements:

Collaborates in the development of service-level objectives and takes steps to meet or exceed targets.

Explains service procedures to clients.

Follows up in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

Keeps performance metrics.

Identifies recurring and potential problems and notifies team members.

Recommends ideas for improving queue time, abandoned call rates and first contact resolution.

Service Management Processes & Knowledge Base:

Implement and operate Service Management processes i.e. Incident Management, Knowledge Base, Problem Management, etc,

Contribute to successful use of service management work practices and reporting framework

Continuously contribute to development of knowledge articles to known workarounds to issues.

Business Relationship:

Establishes and maintains relationships with individual users, groups, functions and key stakeholders to coordinate support.

Communicates with users and/or team members on a regular basis as to the status of assignments.

Project Management:

Coordinates input to project schedules, deliverables, or cost at a local level.

Participate in assigned project activities including UATs.

Customer Satisfaction:

Monitors service level agreements to ensure that requirements are met or exceeded.

Escalates problems as required based on SLAs.

Measures against metrics to ensure customer satisfaction.


Provides coaching and mentoring to less experienced colleagues.

May develop and deliver briefings to users and team members.


Special assignments as appropriate to the role.

Attend, participate in, and lead devotional/chapel meetings as scheduled and convened.

While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the duties involved in this position, World Vision reserves the right to add, remove or alter duties when business need dictates.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.

Technical certification in one or more IT disciplines or technology. E.g. ITIL Foundation, Microsoft certification, project management training, customer service and communication, etc.

Experience in Service / Account Management, Customer Support, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, or Issue Resolution.

Typically requires 5 to 7 years of experience within the relevant area of work performed preferably in IT or high tech industry with Service Management experience in ICT Managed Services.

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understands the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Uses considerable judgment to determine solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within World Vision.

Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

Strong ability to work as part of a team and coordinate with all the staff.


Ability to communicate technical procedures or tasks to non-IT customers.

Able to work under tight deadlines and cope with pressure.

Strong analytical, reporting and organizational skills.

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